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Practice Updates 
Mon 5/27No practice for any group, P120 TBA.
Sat 6/1No, P90, P105, P120, Nautilus, Neptune, Junior practice due to RYWC Meet. All Maia and Nautilus 8/Unders, 8:15-9a.
Th 6/6No Nautilus practice due to the WRAT Meet.
Fri 6/7No Maia or Nautilus practice due to Zeus Meet.

Please note that when the Piranhas have a meet scheduled on Saturdays, practices that morning are cancelled for the swimmers who are eligible for the meet unless otherwise stated.  Sometimes we are able to run a Maia and/or House practice.

Please wear your Piranha suit or a navy suit.  Training groups will be photographed together, as will the entire team.  Photos will be available to order and purchase.

Coaches choose events for all swimmers.  Parents should check the entry as soon as it is posted and definitely way before you plan on attending to make sure you swimmer is entered.  Many times parents think they signed up, but in fact did not.  It happens every season.  Once the entry is sent parents are responsible for meet entry fees and seldom can we update to add swimmers. 

Parents on deck and in Team area:
Please note parents ARE NOT ALLOWED on deck at swim meets unless as a volunteer timer.   Once you drop off your swimmer to the Team you must then proceed to the designated spectator area.  Every meet has one.  Even if the spectator area is on deck, like our pool, parents are still not allowed in the designated Team area, even parent timers.  Only coaches, officials and swimmers are allowed in the Team area at USA and YMCA swim meets.  This is a strict USA Swimming and YMCA Swimming policy. 

Warm-up Time
This is the time the Team is in the water. We would like swimmers on deck ready to go about 10 minutes before this time. It is very distracting when swimmers arrive late for warm-up. Not to mention a swimmer could be “scratched” from the meet. See below.

Scratching and arriving late the day of a meet:
Please note:  at meets coaches MUST hand in a scratch sheet (more about the scratch procedure can be found in the Team handbook, page 15-16) usually about 15 minutes after the first warm-up begins regardless of which warm-up wave we are assigned.  Once these scratch sheets are handed in, no changes are allowed.  If you are running late and your swimmer is SCRATCHED there is little to NO hope of getting your child back in the meet.  You must get word to coaches that you are running late.  Also, we would like to know if you are not attending so we are not guessing.  Emergency numbers are usually listed with every meet write-up but are not always reliable.  The best way to get in touch with a coach the day of a meet is to get the cell of another swimmer attending  prior to that meet and relay a message about attendance to the coaches.  You can also email Henk or LizThey will check their emails as long as there is cell service (we will not send a response FYI.)

– April 1 – April 22
2019 Spring Practice Schedule (April 22-June 23)UPDATED 4/25
– Wednesday Dry Land time for P90 and P105
– 2019 Summer Practice Schedule (June 24-Aug 2) – Tentative

Printer Friendly – 2019 LC Summer Meet Schedule – please note May meet entries were due April 2nd at 3:00p and will be posted.

SMST 12/Under Meet 5/11 @ Masuk High School, Monroe, CT – RESULTS
Great meet to start out the season!  Thanks to all the timers and officials.  Can’t do it without you!  Write-up coming soon.  

Wilton Meet 5/17-5/18 @ Wilton YMCA (this is an outdoor meet) –
Great meet to start out the season!  Thanks to all the timers and officials.  Can’t do it without you!  Results and write-up coming soon.

Intrasquad Central
For all the scores and highlights from this season’s Blue v Yellow Intrasquad Series.
Blue Team Roster 1.14.19
Yellow Team Roster  1.14.19

For results and entries, please check the 2018-19 Piranha Meet Schedule Page.
Please note we have had technical difficulty with uploading entries to our on-line database.  Entries are posted but please check for any changes.

Date —————Meet——————————–Deadline——Sign-up Sheet
Fri 5/31- Wilton Invite Distance- (OUTDOOR MEET) ENTRY

Sat 6/1, Sun 6/2- CT LC YMCA States – Entry coming soon
Th 6/6- WRAT 10/u Meet – ENTRY
Fri 6/7- Zeus 10/u Meet – ENTRY
Wed 6/12- Piranha 13/o 1000 free meet- 6/3 deadline 3:oop SHARP GOOGLE DOC
Wed 6/19- Summer Intrasquad Meet- 6/11 deadline 3:00p SHARPGOOGLE DOC
Sat 6/22- GRYM June Invite – ENTRY

Fri 7/26-Sun 7/28- WHAT Summer Showcase – ENTRY

PLEASE make sure you read the meet announcements for each meet that you sign up for as each meet has different sessions and start times.

The Piranha Handbook describes in great detail the policies and procedures of the Piranha Swim Team.  ALL PARENTS MUST sign the last page and return to Henk or Mary.  Please do so sooner rather than later.

How do I find meet information?
What is the Piranha Database?
How do I sign up for a meet?
How do I know which day of a meet my swimmer is competing?


Piranhas instituted a MANDATORY timing/meet volunteering requirement for all Piranha families.  This applies regardless of your level of meet participation.  Each family (regardless of # of swimmers), will be required to work a minimum of six timing/meet volunteer shifts during each year (Sept-July), one of which MUST be done during the Long Course season (May-July).  Each “season” is defined by the respective start date of the season up to and including CT Regionals.  Please note for Age Group championships and Senior championships those parents of entered swimmers must fulfill those requirements regardless if your yearly Piranha requirement is already fulfilled.  A “shift” is defined as a predetermined amount of time a person times/volunteers at a meet, usually no more than two hours.  The Piranhas usually divide assignments into 2 shifts but can divide into 3 or 4 shifts, if necessary.  A “shift” DOES NOT include timing for your own swimmer at Distance meets.  An on-line sign-up sheet is emailed in advance of a meet and parents can sign up to time using this on-line system. Each family (with their registration) has paid $300 towards this volunteer requirement.  If you fulfill 5 of the 6 shifts, you will receive $100 back for your efforts.   If you fulfill all 6, you will receive the entire $300.  If you work more than 6 shifts in a given swimmer year (Sept-July), you will receive $50 off the next year’s volunteer fee.  If you work several shifts over the requirement, you may receive a larger discount. Maia swimmers (8/Under) who swim “Winter Only” (Sept-Mar) and kids who join the Team in the Summer pay $150 and are required to fulfill 3 shifts during their respective Season to receive a full refund.  If you do not fulfill your requirement, the amount paid will be forfeited.
Families can “volunteer it forward” up to 5 shifts by working more sessions in the Short Course Season, giving that family continued credit for the Long Course BUT at least one of the total six shifts must be completed in the Summer Long Course season. All 6 can be completed in the Long Course, if necessary.
Active Piranha USA Officials will not be required to adhere to these requirements. 
Every meet the Piranhas attend MUST have parent volunteers to ensure a smoothly run meet and the Piranhas always have to put forward their fair share of volunteers.  USA Swimming and the Piranhas cannot operate without these volunteers.
All the swimmers and coaches appreciate your participation.



SPIRIT WEAR  if you need replacement Piranha gear please contact MARY to arrange.  See team gear page for requirement details.  Please provide a size for the item, if known.

Coach’s Corner:
A weekly article from the brain of Head Coach Henk Jansen.

Y MEMBERSHIP OFFER FOR Piranha Parents Membership Offer 2019

PIRANHA TEAM DIRECTORY is available via email from Mary McCarthy in the Piranha office.  Please contact Mary for a directory.  2018-19 will be available in October 2018

Darien YMCA Phone App
For those of you who may not know, the Darien YMCA has its own Phone App.  This App is good for YMCA related schedules, closures and class changes, and you can even upload you membership card!  Please be advised that Piranha Swim Team related changes will  NOT be posted to the App.

Signs and symptoms of concussions for athletes and parents/guardians
Concussion information for all coaches, swimmers and parents.