Blue v Yellow Meets

The Piranha Blue vs Yellow Meets is an annual series of Intrasquad meets swum throughout the Short Course season.  These meets are open to all 13/under Piranhas and all House swimmers.  The basic premise of the series is coaches choose up Teams, Blue and Yellow, and the two Teams compete throughout the season.  The points each Team earns at each meet are tallied and at the end of the year Banquet the Team with the most points is awarded the “Blue v Yellow” Cup as Team Champion for the year.  These meets are a fun way to get the kids racing and learning about meet etiquette and after most meets both Teams celebrate with a pizza party. 


2015 Champion – Blue Team

2016 Champion – Yellow Team

2017 Champion – Yellow Team

2018 Champion – Yellow Team

2018-19 Intrasquad Series

Blue take first Intrasquad of the 2018-19 in decisive fashion!
Blue 198 – Yellow 66
Hope everyone enjoyed the first Intrasquad of the season.  Results are being double checked and processed and will be posted soon.  Thanks to all the parent volunteers who helped time and serve pizza!   

2017-18 Intrasquad Series

Blue and Yellow Team Rosters

All meet results can be found on the meet schedule page

Blue wins their first Intrasqaud of the Season!
What a great way to finish the short course season!!  After the water settled, the Blue Team emerged victorious by 41 points, 226-185!
Winning Relay Teams: Blue, and Maks Shemiako, Brendan McCarthy, Scott Luecke and Brandon Yao, also on the Blue team.  Girls/Boys 11 & Over 200 yd Free Relay:  Salma Thomas, Maryan Guzman, Brianna Zhang and Ariana Milewski on Blue, and Michael Frankowski, Denis Proskuryakov, Alex Crawley and Neil Chaudhari representing Yellow.
Top 3 individual event finishers:  8 & Under 25yd Back:  Girls 1st Heili Jalakas, 2nd Caroline Morrison and 3rd Sofia Bambina; Boys 1st Luke Gallagher and 2nd George Tiagi.  9-10 50yd Back:  Girls 1st Sophie du Pont, 2nd Penny Vanovitch and 3rd Elizabeth Veeder; Boys 1st Oskar Sulkowski, 2nd Maks Shemiako and 3rd Harvey Pena.  11 & 12 50 yd Back:  Girls 1st Ariana Milewski, 2nd Brianna Zhang and 3rd Jojo Olmstead; Boys 1st Nicolas Kopczewski, 2nd William Moles and 3rd Neil Chaudhari.  Girls 13 & Over 50 yd Back: 1st Tishan Wu and 2nd Francisca Vivanco. 8 & Under 25 yd Breaststroke:  Girls 1st Jasmine Su, 2nd Maria Gardner and 3rd Zofia Zalewski; Boys 1st Scott Luecke, 2nd Johnathan Veeder and 3rd Jashan Wu.  9 & 10 50 yd Breaststroke:  Girls 1st Selen Yasanliel, 2nd Brenna Agarabi and 3rd Elle Schaller; Boys 1st Oskar Sulkowski and 2nd Brandon Yao.  11 & 12 50 yd. Breaststroke:  Girls 1st Brianna Zhang, 2nd Salma Thomas and 3rd Erin Luecke; Boys 1st Michael Frankowski and 2nd Mateusz Zalewski. Girls 13 & Over 50 yd Breaststroke:  1st Katie Pombar and 2nd Tishan Wu.  8 & Under 25 yd Butterfly:  Girls 1st Leanna Li, 2nd Kylie Langeveld and 3rd Maria Gardner; Boys 1st Colby Comfort, 2nd Scott Luecke and 3rd George Tiagi.  Girls 9 & 10 50 yd Fly:  1st Emerson Langeveld, 2nd Yashika Sharma and 3rd Brenna Agarabi.  11 & 12 50 yd Fly:  Girls 1st Maryan Guzman, 2nd Denisse Salazar and 3rd Joanna Kieran-Mendez; Boys 1st Denis Proskuryakov.  25 yd Free:  Girls 1st Jaden Sutter, 2nd Kylie Langeveld and 3rd Caroline Morrison; Boys 1st Colby Comfort, 2nd Luke Gallagher and 3rd Jonathan Veeder.  9 & 10 50 yd Free:  Girls 1st Emerson Langeveld, 2nd Yashika Sharma and 3rd Selen Yasanliel; Boys 1st Maks Shemiako, 2nd Harvey Pena and 3rd Brandon Yao.  11 & 12 50 yd Free:  Girls 1st Maryan Guzman, 2nd Ariana Milewski and 3rd Joanna Kieran-Mendez; Boys 1st Michael Frankowski, 2nd Nicolas Kopczewski and 3rd Denis Proskuryakov.  Girls 13 & Over 50 yd Free:  1st Katie Pombar and 2nd Francisca Vivanco.   Thanks to all the swimmers, volunteers and parents for making the 2017-18 season an enjoyable and fruitful season!Intrasquad #3:  Yellow wins again, 167-156

Intrasquad #3:  Yellow wins again, 167-156
Note from Henk:  I must say it has been a little while since I have been in the “trenches” at an Intrasquad Meet.  Wow, you do earn your keep at these meets 🙂 I didn’t get splits, I didn’t worry about time but I did get to see some great racing, great enthusiasm and had a blast!!   It was a fun and cool experience.  Heat winner prizes are on order so we will get those prizes to those kids who did not get theirs at the meet.  Lastly, thanks to all the kids and parents who helped with the meet and pizza party.

98 Piranha and House swimmers competed in the Blue vs Yellow Intra-squad meet #3. This meet included a Freestyle relay, as well as Free, Breaststroke and IM races.  After some exciting swimming, the Yellow team came out on top in a close one, 167 -156!
The Piranha swimmers have since been back in the pool working on perfecting stroke technique and training through some challenging sets. One aspect the coaches have been emphasizing this season is having fast transition turns in the IM races.  Transition turns are fly to back, back to breast, and breast to free turns a swimmer must utilize while swimming an individual medley race.
Event winners are as follows:  Penny Vanovitch took first place in 25 Free. Colby Comfort placed first in 25 Free and 25 Breast. Michael Frankowski placed first in both 50 Free and 50 Breast. Emerson Langeveld placed first in 50 Free. Sebastian Raz-Guzman placed first in 50 Free and 50 Breast. Lily Voigt placed first in 50 Free. Denis Proskuryakov placed first in 100 Free and 100 I.M.  Maryan Guzman placed first in 100 IM and 100 Free. Maria Gardner placed first in 25 Breast. Salma Thomas placed first in 50 Breast. Brianna Zhang placed first in 50 Breast.
Congratulations to all the swimmers who competed, and a big thank you to the parents who helped with the meet and the pizza party!

Yellow takes another one from Blue 153-120 at Intrasquad #2
95 Piranha swimmers competed in the Blue-Yellow Intrasquad meet #2 on Dec 13th. This edition included a breaststroke relay, as well as butterfly and backstroke races.  After some great races and excellent swimming, it was the Yellow team that came out ahead, 155 -118!  One big focus point the coaches have been working on with the swimmers this season is shimmers.  Shimmers are fast, tight, fly kicks, utilized in streamline position when the swimmers are underwater on starts and turns (used in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly races).  The Coaches were excited to see shimmers on full display in both the butterfly and backstroke events.
Event winners are as follows:  Colby Comfort won both 25 Fly and 25 Back.  Michael Frankowski won both 50 Fly and 50 Back.  Maryan Guzman won both 50 Fly and 50 Back.  Emerson Langeveld took first in 50 Fly and 50 Back.  Claire Moore was first in 50 Fly and 50 Back.  Sebastian Raz-Guzman won first in both 50 Fly and 50 Back.  Carolina Raz-Guzman won first in 25 Fly.  Penny Vanovitch took first place in 25 Back.
We are grateful to the parents who helped with timing and the pizza party.
Blue Results
Yellow Results
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Yellow takes down Blue 157-116 at Intrasquad #1
On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 the Darien Piranhas Swim team hosted the first Blue vs. Yellow Intra-squad meet of the season.  This is a meet where the Piranha Swim Team and House swimmers divided into two Teams, Blue and Yellow, and a series of meets are swum throughout the season.  The overall accumulated points from each meet will be tallied and a season Team Champion will be crowned at the banquet.  This meet is open to all 13/under Piranha swimmers and all House Swim team members.

At the first installment of the B v Y Intrasquad meet, 96 swimmers, YES 96 SWIMMERS competed in freestyle and breaststroke events, as well as a 100 yard sprint freestyle relay! It was great turnout for both swimmers and parents as the pool was packed and parents were spilling out in to the lobby!  This made for a very exciting and enthusiastic event and the swimmers did not disappoint!

Both Yellow and Blue Teams brought their best efforts and raced with heart and passion. Halfway through the meet it was close, a mere 3 points separated the Teams. Then on the backs of their 8/unders, the Yellow Team started to pull away.  After the final swimmer had touched the wall and clock had stopped for the final time, the Yellow team came out on top, 157-116!  The Blue team will attempt to even up the series at the next Intra-squad meet in December!

Relay Event Winners: Girls 11 & Over-Yellow team of Helen Zhou, Denisse Salazar, Emily Kalvaitis, and Mia Langeveld.  Boys 11 & Over-Blue team of Felix Absolonne, Connor Lane, William Moles, and Sebastian Raz-Guzman.  Girls 10 & Under-Blue team of Salma Thomas, Sophie du Pont, Sofia Schimmeck, and Elizabeth Parent.  Boys 10 & Under-Yellow team of Oskar Sulkowski, Michael Frankowski, Scott Luecke, and Colby Comfort.

Individual Event winners: 50 Freestyle-Nora Ashrifeh, Emerson Langeveld, Michael Frankowski, Emily Kalvaitis, and Christian Davidson. 25 Freestyle-Penny Vanovitch and Colby Comfort.  50 Breaststroke-Nora Ashrifeh, Salma Thomas, Michael Frankowski, Emily Kalvaitis, and Sebastian Raz-Guzman. 25 Breaststroke-Scott Luecke, and Jamie Spataro. 

After the meet all the swimmers were treated to a great Pizza Party where the kids proceeded to down 30 large pizzas and one small!   Big thanks to all of the parents, and Senior and Junior swimmers who volunteered with the organization and running of the meet and party. Couldn’t do it without you.