The Piranhas have a great tradition of having many USA Swimming Officials affiliated with the Team. It is a requirement that all USA Swimming Meets have a sufficient number of USA registered Officials on deck. Without Officials, the meet cannot be considered a USA Swimming sanctioned meet. Having Officials affiliated with the Team is a huge benefit.

Becoming an Official entails participating in a class and taking an on-line open book test. Once you have done both, you must work at least four meets as a trainee after the fourth meet you are a Stroke and Turn Official.

  1. How do I become an Official?
  2. Who are the Officials on deck?
  3. CT Swimming Officials’ website
  4. USA Swimming Officials’ website
  5. Timers Briefing
  6. Official’s Uniform


Darien Officials

Harshal ChaudahariStroke & Turn
Pawel FrankowskiStarter
Nancy GruneStarter
Charlie HomStroke & Turn
Craig LovegroveStarter
Stefanny SalazarStroke & Turn
Victor ShemiakoStroke & Turn
David YikaStroke & Turn
Bo ZhangStroke & Turn